Planning the Journey

I can anticipate this team project going very smooth from start to finish based on factors such as having a good topic to research, and having a reliable team. The Blue Bloater’s (my team) will work hard to communicate to one another to ensure that we keep one another accountable. I think the key part to this is making sure we have a solid plan as to who will do what from the beginning. By doing this, each team member will know what to do so there are no mistakes or confusion. We will also be supporting each other through each process and will not hesitate to reach out to each other if problems arise during any part of the paper. When it comes to conflict management I strongly believe that our team will work hard to never arrive at any sort of conflict from the get go, but if conflict does occur I’m certain we can manage by discussing it as a group. By communication, trust and honesty that I can firmly state that this group has, I’m sure we will be able to resolve any conflict that may arise. Benefits of completing this project as a team is we will have multiple points of views and opinions through the process and research of the paper. When working together we can combine forces and put our heads together to get a great outcome. Another benefit I can foresee is we will all be able to sit together to write the paper which can be helpful when having any questions or encounter any road bumps. I feel that this project will be helpful in my future practice as a nurse because I can take what I learn from this project whether it be actual research that I find or techniques that I learn.

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