Adult Med-Surg

For my ATI adaptive quiz for Adult Med-Surg, I felt that I was very concentrated and I did not get distracted easily. I wanted to make sure that I was in a low stimulating environment so I could put all of my attention into my test. I tried to do this because I knew that for the NCLEX it is a quiet environment and I would not have any distractions. I felt that for the test itself, I definitely have a lot of concepts that I need to work on and study more for. I found that I forgot about specific disease processes like Cushing’s, or MS, and nursing implications for those types of questions. Another thing I need to work on is not rushing on answering questions. Sometimes I selected answers without really thinking through all of the options, and I noticed that while doing my remediation it would have benefitted me to slow down even more. For my next assessment I will again take the test in a non-distracting environment but also read through every answer carefully and not rush the test.

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