Public Health and Vulnerable Populations

In our communities, there are families and populations that unfortunately do not have the same access to healthcare and health services that others have. In fact, there are many blockades that affect these certain groups, which can put their health and their families at risk. An example of an individual factor could be a financial issue in which someone does not have the means to pay for health insurance, healthy foods, a gym membership, etc. This lack of financial resources could be an issue of a low income job due to the lack of education, which is a huge factor in some populations today.  An environmental factor could be where these populations live. Maybe they live on a busy road with no community parks nearby and no way to get exercise. Lastly, a societal factor that could be influencing the health of these populations are language/culture barriers which leads to the topic of systemic racism. 

These certain populations are sometimes given no chance to access a better life for themselves. This can be due to the societal norms in which stereotypes are being used against them. Historically, people of color are the populations that get singled out. This could be because of a lack of understanding of their culture, lack of economic means, and certain political agendas that make it harder for them to overcome these obstacles. All of these issues definitely make these populations more vulnerable to health issues.

Some strategies to help improve health and healthcare disparities include a better support system from there community leaders, more funding being put in place for the lower class, access to education on health improvement, outreach programs for drug/alcohol use, community centers that offer healthy meals or exercise equipment, and a safe place for kids to go in there community. As a future nurse, I will make sure that these marginalized communities and vulnerable populations are treated with dignity, and I will understand their obstacles that they face at home. Maybe they don’t have the resources like transportation to pick up their medications. Maybe they don’t have anyone to watch their kids when they want to go exercising. Just by knowing and understanding that not all populations have the same access and opportunities as others will allow me to work through giving them better care all together.

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