Ethical Considerations for EBP

After completing the ethics assignments and watching the movie “Miss Evers’ Boys”, I would say that my understanding of the nurses contribution to ethical conduct & implementation of research is now enhanced. Before watching the movie and reading the articles, I knew that it was a requirement to give the participants all of the information at hand. After watching this movie I could see why it is a requirement as well as the ethical reasoning behind it. The movie portrayed participants getting a “treatment” for their syphilis, only to be actually getting a placebo. This unfortunate study was carried out for 40 years, and was taken to the senate to be disputed. This entire research project goes to show that ethics such as autonomy, justice, maleficence, and more play such an important role in carrying out a study. People’s lives are at risk, and we must weigh the benefits and costs of the research, and fully inform participants of their rights so something like this cannot happen again. It is important for nurses to know and recognize the historical evolution and principles of research ethics. This way they know the bad and grueling past associated with not applying ethics, and the nurses will now have a better understanding to treat participants and carry out their research. My achievement in the course objectives helped me understand the ethical conduct of research, quality improvement and EBP initiatives. I now have the knowledge to contribute to future research, and carry out appropriate measures to make sure ethical practices are put in place.

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