EBP Challenges and Successes For Team Influence Paper

Since choosing our topic, developing a PICOT question and retrieving scholarly articles, our team the Blue Bloaters have had to revise our question slightly. When we first made our question, our outcome was too broad, so we had to change our outcome from the “prognosis of cancer” to “influencing side effects”. Challenges that we have encountered so far include picking a nursing theory that wasn’t the best suited for our research articles. Originally we chose Florence Nightingale’s Environment Theory but we changed it to Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort, as that theory was mentioned in at least one of our articles. I would say we were very successful in finding appropriate articles for our topic. The process to find them was smooth and quite quick, and they are perfect for our paper. Blue Bloaters processes so far have been collaborative and communicative. So far we have not come across any challenges within the group itself and we are good about helping each other out, and being accountable for what needs to be done.

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