My assumptions about the nurse’s role in ethics regarding evidence implementation and generation is that nurses have the responsibility to make sure the research they are finding and implementing into their practice is ethical. This means that what was done in the research can be supported by morals and principles that go hand in hand with ANA’s Code of Ethics. If a nurse decides to implement any type of research, whether it may be informative or not, they should ask themselves, “was this done in an ethical way?”. Treating patients properly, and making sure they are safe and informed is very important when it comes to research. I think nurses contribute to ethical conduct of research and implementation by making sure the research they are implementing is up to date, and most importantly valid for their practice of care. If a nurse chooses to conduct research, it is their ethical responsibility to tell the patient what the research entails, and ask if they even would want to be involved. Although I do not know much about a nurses role with ethical research, I would like to learn more about it. 

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