Learning Outcome 5 and 6

In my Significant Writing Project, I used knowledge from class as well as outside sources to create my MLA works cited page and in-text citations. In my first draft, I did not have a works cited page. In my final draft, though, I used my resources to make a works cited page that clearly shows my ability to cite my sources properly, in order to give my sources proper credit. For the in-text citations I would put the author and/or page number after I summarized a source or inserted a direct quotation.  This is especially important, because it is essential to make clear the ideas/words are not your own. When it comes to local revision and sentence error, my final draft shows that I’m able to dissect the sentences and wording in order to make sure there is little to no spelling errors or stray commas. Local revisions are just as important as global revisions, because they ensure your paper looks neat as well as reliable.