Appraisal and Synthesis

Going through the research articles regarding our topic of the effects of music therapy on the symptoms of chemotherapy, it is evident that music has a wide range of therapeutic effects. The research articles confirmed my assumptions about how music is beneficial when in a position of pain and discomfort. If anything, the articles changed my perspective on how impactful it is, as it exceeded my original assumptions. I think that knowing all the benefits that music therapy has to offer on chemo patients will make me want to incorporate it in my future practice with a wide range of patients, not just chemotherapy patients. I will make sure my patients will be informed of the benefits of music therapies and inform other colleagues who may be interested to incorporate it into their practice as well. I think that me and my teammates can all agree that music therapy is a great option, and should be utilized. My teams’ process was originally to “divide and conquer” at first. For the most part we decided to split up the work evenly. Towards the end of the writing process we really came together to collaborate and come up with a paper that ran smoothly and had one “voice”. For the most part I think we didn’t run into many challenges between each other, but the only thing that we all struggled on was time management.

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