Prepare for Transition

Senior year, second semester, has begun and at this point it still does not feel real that we will be graduating in a few short months. UNE has prepared me well over the past 4 years, and I will take all that I have learned and experienced into my nursing profession. I am very excited to be making money and having a big girl job, but I am mostly excited to be working with babies and putting all that I’ve worked hard for into practice. I hope to celebrate with my family and friends and put on a party after I graduate and take my NCLEX, as everyone in this program deserves to have the best celebration for all of their hard work! Although I cannot wait to graduate and start my job, I’m scared of being a new grad nurse and making mistakes. I fear failure while having people’s lives on my hands, and also fear feeling alone and like I have no one to go to when I start off my new job. I know all of these fears and worries are normal and that most people in my position will feel the same. I will try to not let my fears get in the way too much and remain confident.

To prepare for this course and my weekly studying, I will set aside 1-2 hours a day to work on my ATI’s, whether that be for remediation, quiz time or for additional research and note taking. I feel like this is a reasonable time to set aside for during the school year, and of course I would spend much more practice time for the NCLEX once I graduate. I will also be attending tutor sessions and working closely with classmates to help study. Another tool that will help me is utilizing my planner and writing out all of my assignments so I can work ahead of time to not push everything to the last minute. The ATI nurse Logic 2.0 Modules have helped me navigate my strengths and weaknesses with different content and also have helped me with my test taking skills.

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