Learning Outcome 2

In my Significant Writing Project, called “The Pros of Arts and Sciences Joining Forces”, I used Jonah Lehrer’s “The Future of Science…Is Art?”, Yo-Yo Ma’s “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education”, and lastly Steven Pinker’s “Science Is Not Your Enemy”. I used all three authors as evidence within my paper in order to support my argument that art and sciences should be combined in order to help each other. Specifically, I took the angle that as a future nurse, I will be able to use art in my line of work. I mainly used authors Lehrer and Ma  to support my thesis, by taking quotes I deemed incitive and promoted what I wanted to say. For example, on page 5 I was discussing the value of empathy as a nurse, and how empathy related to science. I then used a quote from Ma that described what empathy is and how it helps us. Part of it said, “Empathy is your capacity to imagine what someone else is going through; what they are thinking, feeling, and perceiving”(259). After the quote, I then directly engaged the quote by talking about how as a nurse, I will need to have empathy towards my patient, so I can understand what they are going through. By using evidence in my paper, and more importantly making sure it flows, can strengthen my arguments/claims, making it seem more reliable and thoughtful.