Presenting Change

The final step of our project was to disseminate our findings in a way that would summarize our research and display it to our audience in a fun, but educational, way. We decided to do a podcast, and then upload it to YouTube so our findings can reach people from all over. We can monitor our response through comments and views, to see what other people may have to say about our findings. So far we have not received responses/feedback but it will be interesting what happens in the future.

I have learned a lot from this team project including peer collaboration, evidence based practice research, and what goes into disseminating our findings. Working with a group that I have never worked with, it was interesting to find out how we were going to mesh. Fortunately our team worked very well together, and the learning process of navigating the roles for each member and recognizing each other’s strengths and flaws went with ease. This kind of collaboration can teach me how to be adaptable when put with a group of unfamiliarized people. What I have discovered about long-term stays at the hospitals and the impact that it has on the nurses and patients were interesting as a future nurse myself. I will one day be a part of the equation when it comes to finding solutions for these problems. That is why it was a positive experience for me to not only delve into the evidence based practice research itself, but to look into the effects of what kind of harm it can have, and how I can do my part to help. I hope that the nurses on our floor will share the podcast, and that our work goes unnoticed as it is a very important topic that needs to be addressed.

As I’ve said, the team process went fluidly, and gave me insight as to who I am in a group, and how I perform based on the role I’m given. I feel like as a team member I found that I am great at taking directions and lean into a more supportive and follower role. When someone directs me to look something up, or complete a part of the assignment, I make sure to do it in a timely manner and put my best food forward so I can be as helpful as I can. I would say my attention to detail, my positive attitude, and my ability to take direction were my strengths within this team project. Although I appreciate the leadership role, and was more than willing and capable to step into that position, I felt that other team members were better suited. Overall, this project was a great learning experience for me and my group, and all of the different pieces fell into place.

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