Learning Outcome 1

From my first draft of my essay “The Pros of Arts and Sciences Joining Forces”, to my final draft, I made many improvements. These improvements both demonstrate my ability to engage in both local and global revisions. For instance, in my first draft, my thesis was broad and confusing. It was a bit unclear as well. In my final draft, I recognized this very big mistake, and changed it so it was more specific, in order to follow my paper better. I also made it more clear and to the point by separating a long sentence into two shorter ones. Another big revision I made was adding a conclusion and citation page. In my first draft, my last paragraph did not serve the ending of my paper well, so the conclusion wrapped up my thesis and claims, as well as adding in some new ideas. Local edits that I made was separating a big paragraph into two, switching around quotes, as well as adding and deleting where it was necessary, adding page numbers in my in-text citations, and fixing small grammar or spelling errors.

I feel that the revisions I have made in my second essay shows my ability that I can adjust without compromising my paper. It is important to understand and learn from your mistakes, but it’s also important to know you don’t need to start over to square one. My revisions also show that I have improved on identifying mistakes, and fixing them, but still having the integrity of my essay intact.