Planning Change

I anticipate that the team dissemination project will be accomplished through a lot of communication between group members and through delegation of a leader, all the while collaborating to make sure the workload is evenly distributed . Communication wise, the group will come together to plan on the upcoming assignment and what needs to be done/ how it will get done, in a timely manner. Our group has assembled a group chat for all of us so we can easily reach each other when doing assignments separately. If there is any conflict within our group, and there is a lack of effort in some team members, communication will be a huge player in resolving this. I feel like it would only be appropriate to talk to the member first and try to figure out why they are not completing the task effectively/timely. If this seems to fail, talking to the professor would be our next step. 

Benefits that can be anticipated is the fact that our group is all in the same clinical. Because of this, we have more time together outside of class to think about what our next steps will look like within the process. Barriers that I can envision our group to have are disagreements within the writing process. Since it is such a large group, it will be hard for all of us to form the same opinions on how our paper should go. To overcome this, we will have to listen to each other and remember to be open minded about other members’ ideas and thought processes. In my future nursing practice, this will be important to keep in mind, as different colleagues might have different ways to treat/help a patient that may be better than my own ways.

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